Top Gun KLR650
Rear Shock Springs
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KLR650 Rear Shock Springs
From Left to Right: 6.6kg, 7.4kg,
Our Top Gun Chain Master can solve the latter problem, but without a proper spring,
you can't get back that lost suspension travel.

The only way to properly set your ride height is with a spring chosen to match your
intended riding load. You can try to compensate for a weak spring by cranking in
excessive preload or by installing "raising links". However, while these methods may
address the symptom, they don't cure the problem - and each comes with further
disadvantages when compared to a proper spring.

Excessive preload settings can result in inadequate static sag, leaving you without
enough suspension extension to keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground over
holes and hollows. This leads to a rough ride as the wheel then impacts the ground
instead of smoothly stroking up and down with the terrain.

Raising links allow the rear end to start higher than stock links, the idea being that
when the rear end still sags excessively, the higher starting point will allow the bike to
settle at a reasonable ride height. However, you've still used up more suspension travel
to get to that position than the same rider would with stock links and a proper rate
spring. Additionally, when the suspension unloads, the resulting higher rear end will
create twitchier steering since the rake and trail will be lower than stock values.

Only a properly sized spring can put you at the correct ride height and adequate
suspension travel without the disadvantages mentioned above.

The Top Gun springs are made with the highest quality materials by an experienced
and well-respected firm. The springs are custom designed for the KLR, both for ease of
installation and functionality. By offering three springs, we can cover the vast majority of
riders. The table below shows the recommended spring by rider/load:
These are straight-wound springs, not progressive springs. We purposely chose a
straight-wound design to complement the rising-rate suspension characteristics of the
KLR650. The KLR Uni-Trak Lever is designed to provide a cushy ride during initial rear
wheel travel, but progressively stiffen as the suspension nears full compression. Adding
a progressive spring (which has its own rising-rate) can cause a rougher ride than
necessary, and even lock out the last few inches of wheel travel because of the high
forces required to fully compress the spring.

Advantages of Top Gun Springs:

  • Proper ride height without disadvantages of other methods
  • High Quality Materials, made in USA
  • ONLY aftermarket spring custom-made for KLR650
  • Sized to allow installation from either end of the shock
  • Designed for compatibility with stock preload adjuster
  • Fits all model years; 1987-2008!
  • Powder coated (Yellow - 6.6kg/mm, White - 7.4kg/mm, Yellow - 8.0kg/mm) for an
    appealing and durable finish

Don't give away suspension travel and riding comfort. Install a Top Gun spring and put
your suspension to work for you!
**All weights are inclusive of rider, riding gear, and load carried. All weights listed are
estimates and may not be optimum for all rider seating positions, load distributions, rider
preference, or suspension modifications. Differences in weights for 2008 model are due to
redesigned Uni-Trak lever and suspension links.**
KLR650 Rear Shock Springs (1987+)

Finally get the ride you've been looking for!

We've improved our popular KLR650 spring
and added a
third spring with higher spring
rate for riders carrying larger loads.

Even a preload setting of "5" on the stock
shock/spring will not carry the average rider
with gear at the correct ride height, which
thereby reduces usable suspension travel.
This will result in excessive bottoming of the
rear suspension over rough terrain which in
turn will create excessive chain slack and
chain contact with the bottom of the air box.
Model Year
Stock Spring
6.6 kg Top Gun
7.4 kg Top Gun
8.0 kg Top Gun
Less than 160 lbs
161 lbs – 230 lbs
231 lbs – 280 lbs
281 lbs – 330 lbs
Less than 180 lbs
181 lbs – 250 lbs
251 lbs – 300 lbs
301 lbs – 350 lbs

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